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Words from my clients...

"Refreshing, awakening, very different from any therapy I have done in the past. But it's more than that, Sasha is warm, engaging, understanding, very present. I do not think I could do this type of work with anybody. It takes a lot of trust and very early into the therapy I felt safe."

"Sasha is a thoughtful, compassionate listener who gives me the space to be vulnerable and transparent. The time I have spent working through our sessions and beyond continue to benefit me and make me feel healthier than before I chose to begin therapy. I’m extremely grateful for the work we do together each week."

"Sasha is excellent to work with! She is empathetic, smart, and kind and has helped me so much to accept myself and work towards my goals with love for myself along the way. I have loved having Sasha as a therapist and I would recommend her to anyone, and especially if you’re looking for care that is affirmative of queer and trans experiences."

"I feel very listened to. Through practice, I feel much more in touch with my body and psyche, and connected to myself."

"Sasha is an outstanding therapist. She asks excellent questions to help work through difficult thoughts/emotions. She is also great at listening, and I get the sense that she is very thoughtful about how to navigate every session."

"Sasha is an incredible therapist who easily navigates challenging sessions. She asks insightful questions and works on developing your own skills to better cope with future situations. I highly recommend her!!"

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