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I spent much of my childhood and early twenties in a deep freeze - unable to access joy, presence, or deep connection. It took ten years of training in psychology and social work, and several more years of self-exploration, to find the roadmaps that helped me to access my body, my self, and (most unexpectedly) my spirituality.


I believe that by learning to simply be with ourselves and our bodies in each moment, we can discover the power of and possibility in our conscious, subconscious, and unconscious choices.

My work is deeply rooted in my queer identities. bell hooks said it best when she described queerness "as being about the self that is at odds with everything around it and that has to invent and create and find a place to speak and to thrive and to live.” 

  • Somatics & Embodiment (connecting with sensations in our bodies in order to: build trust and empathy with oneself, clarify our needs and desires, turn towards what we care about individually and collectively, and set boundaries)

  • Internal Family Systems (getting to know and then work with the protective and younger parts of ourselves to develop compassion for our own patterns and motivations)

  • Mindfulness (developing conscious awareness of the present moment, minimizing judgment towards oneself and others)

  • Polyvagal Theory (understanding how our nervous system impacts our mental and emotional states)

  • Attachment Theory (learning how our early relationships with caregivers inform and impact our relationships in adulthood)

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (building on mindfulness practices to better connect with one’s conscious intentions and make more meaningful and aligned decisions)

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (recognizing our thought patterns, shifting the way we think about our life or specific situations)


Why Work With Me?


I am skilled in facilitating a deeper trust in yourself and your own body’s wisdom. I believe my role as a therapist is to provide an anchored, spacious container in which we can explore the terrain of your life, expand your capacity, and discover your aliveness.


My work is non-hierarchical and process (rather than outcome) oriented, which means that I do not set overly specific goals or timelines, because I believe that sustainable change requires time, patience, consistency, and practice. 


I may be a good fit for you if:


  • You have a deep connection to your body, and you’re wanting more grounding, resources, and support during this stage of your life. Maybe you're sensing that you'd like a structured space to deepen and nourish your relationship to your body. Maybe you’ve been in body-based transformational spaces before, and you want to continue that work one-on-one.

  • You feel disconnected from your body, from the world, and from your self. Maybe you’re beginning to connect to your body, or you’ve heard that it’s important for your mental health, but you’re not sure how to move forward.

  • You’ve been in talk therapy before, and you’ve sensed that you’re treading water. You’ve talked in circles about your childhood, your current relationships, your depression, your anxiety, and so on. Rationally, logically, cognitively you understand why you have developed certain patterns and coping strategies, but for some reason, you just can’t seem to make any lasting changes.


  • Queer/non-straight/LGB

  • Trans/GNC

  • Consensual non-monogamy/polyamory

  • Kink/BDSM

  • Sex workers

  • Relationship concerns

  • Boundary setting

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Trauma

  • Grief

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